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Jack Reed Barber Shop brings back the simplicity of a bygone era when a haircut was about style and a trip to the Barber was about the experience and the opportunity to “shoot-the-shit” with the Barber.   Our retro Shop and Mobile Trailer offer our customers the genuine Barber experience with the added privacy and exclusivity of appointment only services.  From cuts, to shaves to fades to tracks, we’ll help you to create your unique style.  Sit back, relax with a drink or a coffee, select your music and let our Barbers do the rest.  

Try a group booking and enjoy a game of pool while your wait.

Got a wedding planned? Why not spoil the groom and his groomsmen on the day with our mobile barber shop service. 

Classic Cars, Hotrods and Motorcycles have greatly influenced all our design features so don’t forget to check out the Jacks Classic Friends page where others “shoot-the-shit” about their classics.   

Post Script:  For those of you not familiar with the “Shoot-the-Shit” phrase it means to talk shit with your mates. 

Danielle Hannah

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Meet The Team

Born and raised in Redcliffe with a short stint to the beautiful Maleny and then back to her beloved Redcliffe. Danielle has always known what she has wanted in life. Her passion is her quintessential Barber Shop in Scarborough. Retro style, Pool Table and a very relaxed atmosphere. Hot towel, cut throat razor and good old fashioned Barbering.


“When I’m not working, I spend as much time with my family. MY LIFE!!! A beautiful partner and two children. Jack Reed Barber Shop’s name sake “Jack”, and daughter Ruby.  Things couldn’t get much better. Have been pretty blessed in life and I have a real passion to try and help others: Listen, Love and most importantly, to Respect. Family and friends rate very high and I am at my happiest when surrounded by them.”


This year has delivered some real special friendships with some amazing people and I have been linked with incredible brands to produce work that I am proud to put my name to.

Teresa Reed

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I’m Kiwi born and bred but love my adopted Aussie home and family.  The Jack Barber Shop has given me the opportunity to mix business with pleasure and realise the dream of owning my own company.  


I started my career in psychology and have spent the last 20 years working in Government and private sector leadership roles.  I love the symmetry between my early beginnings in psychology and the feel-good outcomes that the Barber Shop achieves through both the haircut and the chance for our customers to “shoot-the-shit” with the Barber.  

Meet JACK!

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Jack is a “what you see is what you get” sort of person. He has his own style and no one can alter it. Fashion & technology is high on his priority list: Clothes, shoes, hats, sock, watches and body piercings. Being up with it and in the know is very important. Hence, he is continually looking up and reading about what is happening in the world of fashion & technology. Mountain Bike Riding is also one of his biggest passions. He enjoys the exercise, fun, laughs and the company.   


At the moment, I’m growing my hair. I had a cut throat razor run over it to end the school year.  My Gran in NZ was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, so I thought shaving my head was the best thing l could do to show my support to her.  

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