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Encapsulated retinol is a version of retinol that envelops the ingredient in a protective, multi-layer liquid crystalline microsphere. When applied to skin, its moisturising outer-coating time-releases the active Retinol, which penetrates deep into the skin to deliver superior results, while mitigating potential side effects.

It also creates an invisible protective shield on the skin’s surface, which helps reduce moisture loss.

  • Anti-ageing, help fight acne

  • Natural antioxidant

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Aids in soothing skin irritation

Jack Reed Barber Shop has callaborated to be the first in the Beauty Industry to use this revolutionary active ingredient with retinal encapsulated into natural wax-based capsules that enables high retinol use levels, improves skin bioavailability and enhances stability over 3 months.


Australian Made + Owned

Jack Reed - Vitamin A Serum – 30ml